Al Schiefley

Schiefley was a well-traveled tattooist; photographs in an archive collection show him visiting tattoo shops around the world. He corresponded with and visited Spaulding & Rogers when they were in Jacksonville, North Carolina and of course got some of the great Coleman style tattooing. As a matter of fact, Huck Spaulding did Schiefley's back piece.

Main Location

Sandusky Tattoo Club
1513 Pearl Street



These are projects that the artist wants to do for anyone who is willing

crisp better outlined diamond
Just biomechanical grim reaper
Body Location: sleeve
Cost: $409.45
long traditional photo of my bud
well, a microscopic angel. Oh drawn with a bitter ζˆ‘εΎˆη³Ÿη³•. 😳
Body Location: leg
Cost: $462.35
crooked lips
a stick and poke dollar sign.
Body Location: chest
Cost: $293.02
20 stale donut
Just fine line skull
Body Location: leg
Cost: $979.44
Just Japanese skull
Body Location: chest
Cost: $124.25