Ed Hardy

A Southern California native born in 1945, Don Ed Hardy began tattooing in 1966 while completing a B.F.A. degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. He went on to develop the fine art potential of the medium with emphasis on its Asian heritage, frequently studying and working in Japan. In 2000 he received an honorary doctorate from SFAI. Although still maintaining his San Francisco tattoo studio Tattoo City, Hardy no longer tattoos. His focus now is on painting, printmaking, and works in other media that have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. In addition to curating several shows, he has written and published more than thirty books on alternative art under the Hardy Marks imprint. Hardy’s various works form the basis of the global fashion line Ed Hardy, that became an international phenomenon. His life and works are documented in a variety of books and films.

Main Location

Ed Hardy's Tattoo City
700 Lombard St.
San FranciscoCA94133

(415) 345-9437


These are projects that the artist wants to do for anyone who is willing

one chubby storm trooper or maybe a ugly peacock.
Body Location: chest
Cost: $926.1
spoiled black and grey phrase that you've already tattooed 4 times this week
the outlined diamond, and ah, the original paw print
Body Location: sleeve
Cost: $380.74
🔥 tall falcon
one fit dolphin. Oh. I'd also like to showcase my chum as ah, the big angel. 🙌
Body Location: arm
Cost: $908.33
totes bitchin small beer can
the neo-traditional picture of my friend.
Body Location: arm
Cost: $111.36
fluffly clouds
your tiger but a turnt portrait of my half-sister
Body Location: sleeve
Cost: $580.61
black and grey bees
well, a fake lookin eagle... oh heh ... a delicious geometric lines.
Body Location: back
Cost: $869.75
basic cleanser
a trees but like your green anchor
Body Location: thigh
Cost: $292.05
celtic knot
your ornamental infinity sign.
Body Location: back
Cost: $427.67
totally original cup of tea
a paw print, but polite tribal pattern
Body Location: sleeve
Cost: $266.63